Who we are

We are manufacturers of design furniture, lovers of the natural beauty of the elements, their characteristics and possible transformations and combinations.

Our products leave nothing to chance: we follow the production with passion from the choice of quality materials up to the last stage of the manufacturing process, the characteristic that distinguishes us is the constant research: all this is EXENZA.

Our history…

Exenza was born in 2001 from the union between ancient traditions and future visions in the manager’s imagination: everything starts from the processing of curved glass, rooted in the history of its territory, and evolves through the discovery and the use of unexpected materials and fabrics , from wood to velvet, with which is combined to give it warmth and show up its essence, word from which the name of the brand comes.

Our mission…

We believe that materials have a soul, an essence that is not only respected but also enhanced: through the quality of the materials and the skill of expert and wise hands Our intention is to make modern the timeless classics, renewing the tradition and applying it to the present, in the constant search for new expressive forms, materials and ideas.